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North Vape Disposable E-Cigarettes

Introducing North Vape!

Most-sought among the cardinal directions of the globe, everyone relies on North. That’s especially true in the search for satisfying flavor! Introducing North Vape, a new direction toward bold, refreshing taste. Experience exciting, unexpected blends of fruit flavors that give your breath a satisfying gift of refreshment! Try all 40 flavors! From our classic North device and its two special editions (Holiday & Spooky editions) to our 3% and 0% nicotine options, to our newest North Freight Train’s 22 bold flavors… you’re sure to find YOUR true North!

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Experience the pinnacle of vaping excellence with North Vape, setting new standards with its sleek design, impressive 10ml e-liquid capacity, and a remarkable capability of 5,000 puffs. Enjoy effortless vaping on-the-go, combining minimalist aesthetics with intuitive functionality in this exciting new device.

Crafted with advanced features tailored for the discerning vaper, North stands as a beacon of excellence in vaping technology. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, while its intuitive controls make it easy to navigate through your vaping experience.

Choose from our classic North device or indulge in the limited-time special editions such as the Holiday and Spooky editions, each offering a unique twist on our signature flavors. Whether you prefer a kick of nicotine or seek a nicotine-free option, North Vape has you covered with our 3% and 0% nicotine choices.

And introducing our newest innovation, North Freight Train, boasting an impressive lineup of 22 bold flavors that are sure to captivate your senses and redefine your vaping experience.

So why wait? Find your true North with North Vape and unlock a world of flavor possibilities that will take your vaping journey to new heights.

Our North Vape Devices Feature Over 40 Flavors

North Original
North Freight Train
North Holiday Edition
North Spooky Edition

Or Fly South for the Winter!